18 thoughts on “HOME

  1. runner4peace says:

    Ah i love your work! (^_^)


  2. Enny says:

    Congrats for The Portrait winning the Pauline Reage Novel award of the National Leather Association!


  3. Tanya says:

    Tales from The Edge is a fantastic series I’ve read more than once. I love Olly 🙂 I am curious if there will be a book for Christian? If so when? If not will there be any more in this series? I absolutely love your work!!


    • lmsomerton says:

      Thanks Tanya, Olly’s one of my favourites too 🙂 Christian and Becket’s story is called A Double-Edged Sword and I’m writing the final chapter now. Can’t say when it will be available because that depends on my publisher accepting it. You can read the first draft chapters in the free reads section on the blog.


  4. Natalie says:

    What are the links to buy dancing on the edge?


  5. Johnf475 says:

    Keep working ,fantastic job! deakeegebeke


  6. Nicole says:

    Hi, will you be posting any new free stories anytime soon? I miss your writing:(


  7. Sharon Cox says:

    I’ve just finished Tarot’s Touch and I’ve left at positive review both at Goodreads and Amazon. I loved this series and, even though you could easily finish the series here as you’ve left the heroes in such a good place, I do hope that in the future you may let us get a peak at what Adam and Conor are up to.
    I’m also a fan of the Tales from the Edge series so I guess that I can now consider your books an auto-buy.
    Thank-you for writing such enjoyable books and I look forward to reading more of your work.


  8. lorraine says:

    I have all your books and love them all, especially the edge series with my fav being aiden and heath,dont suppose there will be a fifth about harry the bartender and kai,kai was only mentioned a little in alistar and carey story but he kinda stuck out for me, and would love to read more of his story, just got mantrap and looking forward to reading it, keep up the excellent work your storys are brilliant 🙂


    • lmsomerton says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write Lorraine, it’s much appreciated and you’ll be glad to hear that Kai and Aiden’s story will be out soon 🙂 It’s available now to pre-order if you want to, here’s the link and early download is 23 Jan. General release is 20th Feb. Next up will be Marty and Beau, but not until late summer. Best wishes, LM.


  9. Perseuz A Ducator says:

    Hi There! I was fortunate to discover your series, “Tales from the Edge” recently and have spent the past week rapaciously pouring over the books (those that I could get) with nothing less than rabid eagerness. I am a gay person living in a country where homosexuality is condemned as illegal but every one of your books recapitulated for me in delicious, glorious detail. every fibre of feeling I’ve ever had, every yearning I’ve ever felt and every fantasy I ever imagined but could never hope to fulfill.
    For a week, I lived, however vicariously through your characters, the delicious life I can only dream about. Pulp fiction is dime a dozen but until now I’ve never been compelled to seek out the source and ask with folded hands….Keep on writing. For it is such a precious gift you have!


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