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As usual, I am bouncing around the house like a three year old. I hope release days always feel this way 🙂

evilsembrace_800Here’s a buy link for Evil’s Embrace:

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Needless to say Amazon is behind the curve, but I’ll post the links as soon as I have them.

Here’s a new excerpt to tempt you…

As he pulled back the covers a flicker of movement caught Conor’s eye. The man at his shoulder was bigger than him and strong, too strong. His attacker placed his hand across Conor’s mouth, preventing any cry for help. Not that there was anyone likely to come running if Conor did manage to yell. He was held tightly, a muscled arm around his chest pinning his arms to his sides, rendering him helpless. For an instant he panicked, every muscle tensed and his heart pounded. Adrenaline surged through his body and he struggled hard to gain leverage.
“Don’t speak. Can’t risk anyone knowing I’m here,” a familiar voice whispered in his ear.
Conor let out the breath that he hadn’t even realised he was holding. Alex’s low tones were the best thing Conor had heard in days, even if Alex was likely going to give him a mouthful for being so careless about his safety.
Conor wanted to ask Alex what the hell he was doing there, potentially compromising the whole operation. Instead, he nodded his understanding, turned into Alex’s arms and gave him a long, slow kiss.
Alex hooked a finger under Conor’s towel and pulled. It dropped to the floor in a damp heap and was kicked away. Conor forgot how to breathe again as Alex stroked his chest and stomach before wrapping his cock in a firm grip. Conor leaned against him with a small sigh and pressed his arse against Alex’s very obvious erection. Wondering why Alex was there became the least important thing on his mind.
“God, I miss you.”
Alex’s whispered words were urgent with need and made Conor tremble in anticipation. The gnawing ache that had been present inside him since he and Alex had been separated was gone. He didn’t resist as Alex spun him around and cupped a hand at the back of his neck, pulling him close for an intense kiss. Conor was almost out of breath when Alex moved back a little. His eyes gleamed with intensity as he stroked Conor’s skin. Every touch sent ripples of desire to Conor’s groin and when Alex brushed the curve of Conor’s arse, he almost came. Alex probed firmly at his entrance and Conor whimpered.
“Hush, you need to be quiet.” Alex’s words were barely audible but full of amusement.
Conor clamped his lips together and jerked as Alex’s finger gained entry. It was all very well Alex insisting he was quiet but Conor was getting jaw ache from the strain of keeping his mouth shut. The slight invasion burned very nicely. Conor’s cock hardened and began to throb. It took all his willpower not to cry out and beg for more. He trusted Alex not to hurt him and knew that his lover wouldn’t go further than a single finger without lube, but the pain was sweet. Conor pushed back, wanting more, but Alex was having none of it.
The finger was withdrawn, and with gentle but persistent manoeuvring, Alex pushed Conor towards the bed. “I want you face down.”
Alex spoke so quietly Conor could hardly make out the words, but a gentle push made sure he got the message. He complied, crawling onto the bed and propping himself up on his elbows. He missed the sensation of Alex’s finger inside him—he desperately wanted to be filled. Alex undressed, then the weight of his powerful body lowered onto him as Alex sat across Conor’s hips. Conor felt how hard Alex was but his lover made no attempt to take him immediately. Conor wasn’t feeling particularly submissive. He wanted action.



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rasputinskiss_bannerI’m trying out my first ever giveaway on Goodreads, so if you’d like the chance to win a signed paperback copy of Rasputin’s Kiss, head over and take a look 🙂

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Investigating Love by L.M. Somerton

Investigating Love

by L.M. Somerton

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Welcome visiting author Draven St. James

Wow! I confess, I would buy this book just for the cover 🙂 If you haven’t already had your mitts on the Firehouse Six series then I’m sure you will after reading Draven’s excerpt.

Fused by Fire: Firehouse Six Series (Book Three)
Published by Loose Id
M/M Contemporary

Release Date: May 20th

Writing about Love, Lust and Foreplay.

I’d like to address something that I run into often as a writer of the m/m persuasion. I’ve titled it Character Cock Blocking. This seemed to be an apt label for when I am suffering from writers block due to my characters not cooperating. Mainly because it is never both of the men, but generally just one who is holding up the manuscript. Thus he is so completely giving the other character an intense dose of sexual frustration by putting off the flow of words that lead to his orgasmic release. Why do the men in my books do such an act of blue ball aggression? Who’s to say?
Now in Fused by Fire I must admit that there was not a whole lot of CCB. In all actuality I was tempted to throw some water on Simon and Michael. But then it would just steam and I’m sure a sexy shower scene would have ensued. Those men definitely have an affinity for water. I must admit that out of the two of them, Michael always stood, his fireman gear on, slick at the ready prepared for the dangerous curves of the story line.
Then, oh the moment of sweet release, when the CCB is overcome by the universal desire to connect with the one person who fires both lust and love.
So, when you are the unfortunate recipient of CCB, I’d suggest a glass of wine, some soft music, and a little time away from your computer. Sometimes ideas need a little romancing to come to you.
With that bit of wisdom I give to you a blurb from Fused by Fire. This is the third book in the Firehouse Six Series. So, if you want to read how Mica and Grey came to together you can catch all the details and sweet moments of that initial explosion as well in Grey’s Hidden Fire, and Fire and Mistletoe.


Michael prides himself on being the man that everyone can depend on until one of his firefighters is severely wounded on the job. Will he be allowed to process the situation alone? Not when a loud and persistent Simon Winters shows up on his doorstep. The man hasn’t met a boundary he didn’t skip across.
Simon has had the biggest crush on Lieutenant Firefighter Michael Donovan since the first day he saw him. Which just happened to be at an interview for a job to work as a firefighter. Before his desire to lick the gruff older man from head to toe affects his work, Simon transfers over to being a paramedic. Just when he’s begun to build a life that doesn’t include hot shower fantasies of Michael, the object of his angst is thrust into his path.
All too quickly, Simon begins to barrel through Michael’s defenses and dig up the desires Michael has fought so hard to hide. As passions flare out of control, tragedies collide from every side. Michael’s struggle to keep Simon at a distance starts to crumble beneath the weight of the secrets that Simon is hiding. Will Michael be able to protect Simon when he needs it the most or will he lose Simon forever?


Simon knocked on his door. “Hey, all done out here. Want to come check my skills? We can play sexy maid and naughty boss.”
Michael bit back a groan, shocked by the words. He’d really love to do that. Did the man know how much his offer tortured him? When did Simon become an overt flirt?
With a fortifying breath, he opened the door and stopped short. Simon stood directly in front of him with a mischievous smile on his face.
“I found something.” Simon nibbled on his lush bottom lip.
Michael racked his brain for what Simon might have discovered that would warrant such a teasing expression.
Simon’s lips curved into a huge grin as he produced a half-empty bottle of lube from behind his back.
“Shit,” Michael muttered.
“Yeah, I was vacuuming out the couch cushions, and imagine my surprise.” Simon arched a brow. “Did you buy this at a wholesale supermarket?”
Michael’s face heated. Not because Simon had his lube, but because the last couple of times he’d used it, images of Simon in the firehouse showers had slipped unbidden into his thoughts.
He reached out to grab it, but Simon held it away from him.
“Tsk-tsk. Now, where do you hide your…material?” Simon brushed past Michael and into the bedroom.
Michael watched from the doorway as Simon rummaged through the drawers on both nightstands before coming away with a strip of condoms.
“Oh.” Simon’s face fell. He glanced from the bed to Michael, and his face reddened. With a loudly exhaled breath, he moved past Michael and walked back out into the living room. Michael followed along, only to be brought up short when Simon turned to dangle the condoms in front of Michael. “I guess you don’t need any additional inspiration.”
Michael finally managed to shake himself out of his frozen state. He snatched the condoms and lube away and tossed them on the couch. Simon just kept pushing and pushing, burrowing his way into all the crevices of Michael’s life.
Michael stepped forward and grabbed Simon by his shoulders. “Why are you really here?” he snarled.
“Because you’ve locked yourself away?” Simon whispered and gazed at him with eyes filled with concern.
That look stabbed into Michael. “And you care why?”
“Because…” Simon shrugged, dislodging Michael’s hold, and then cupped Michael’s face with a trembling hand. “What happened wasn’t your fault, and you needed someone to come and shove that truth into your face.”
“You picked the short straw?” Michael hated that Simon’s hand on his cheek brought him more comfort than anything else had. Just like at the hospital.
Simon shook his head, and his gaze fell to Michael’s lips. His hand came down to brush against the edge of Michael’s bottom lip. A pink flush rose along Simon’s cheeks.
Michael felt that innocent touch like a jolt through his body. He tilted Simon’s face up, and the sensual invitation in his eyes shocked and inflamed him.
He didn’t have the energy to fight against what he wanted, and right now that was Simon. With a groan of defeat, he smashed his lips to Simon’s and took the sweet oblivion that Simon offered. Simon melted into him, and a shudder worked its way through Michael’s body. Michael grasped the backs of Simon’s thighs and jerked until Simon jumped up and wrapped his legs around Michael’s waist.
Brief astonishment that they were really kissing filtered through Michael’s head as he stumbled back to sit on the couch. He traced his tongue along Simon’s bottom lip and thrust inside.


Buy Links:
Grey’s Hidden Fire/Amazon

Fire and Mistletoe

Fused by Fire



Evil’s Embrace is a bestseller!

Evil’s Embrace has already made the bestseller list at Totally Bound – even though it’s not on general release yet. A big hug and thank you to everyone who has adopted Alex and Conor 🙂 Book 3 in the series is a work in progress – this will spur me on to write faster!


Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

HAHAT 2014

May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – their link is: – and I am very proud to be taking part in this hop as I’m convinced that every little show of support helps.

I’m lucky to work for an employer that is inclusive and supportive of all staff and takes the time to produce educational literature on supporting gay and trans colleagues. I thought I’d share a story that is part of that literature.


Transsexualism was something I’d never heard of when I was young. My early life was lived in confusion and ignorance, my thoughts on why my body did not match my brain were a mystery to myself and a secret from everyone else.

I grew up in the 1950s and 60s – but they were still the Dark Ages for people like me. Did everyone live with the same secret problems and did they go away when you got older? But on the other hand I felt different. I felt ‘wrong’. But I never really spoke to anyone about this until I was 28 years old despite a desperate need.

So I’m married with children by the time I realise that what’s inside me is the real me and is a permanent state of affairs. By day the Civil Servant, by evening the rock guitar-toting long hair trying to blast away the angst, trying to accept that the life I should be leading will only ever exist in my dream world.

And, after separation, I never missed a day’s access or a maintenance payment –and still don’t understand those that do. And that responsibility meant I must go on as things were. I lied to the Court Welfare Officer in denying my ‘transgenderism’. I was terrified I might not be allowed to be with my own children. And as I aged I tried to accept that I would just have to make the best of life as I could, although by doing so I was living a lie.

My subsequent partner tolerated to some extent my transgender side but I could never be totally open, even with her. And I could never be what she needed. How can a man be a man when he isn’t one to start with?

I silently and inwardly pleaded to swap lives with women, whether I knew them or not. My mind was swamped, as I could think of nothing else than being female. And I felt cheated. What had I done not to be born like other girls?

So I live a sort of part-time trans lifestyle. When not in the office or on stage with the band, it’s the London club scene and the real me ‘came out to play’ for a few hours. I circulate in the transvestite world but become increasingly aware of the differences between them and me. I can’t put the real me back in a wardrobe till next week. It lives in my head all the time driving me crazy.

Just one or two trusted colleagues know why there’s a scrap of nail varnish that I missed removing, but others apparently don’t notice or comment on the shaped eyebrows. Much is made nowadays of transsexual people in the workplace but rarely do thoughts dwell on those who for whatever reason have not transitioned, maybe never will, to their core ‘gender identity’. A pressure cooker is what immediately comes to mind. Work, particularly if you enjoy it, can be a welcome distracting release but only momentarily. More likely you alternate between frustratingly imagining yourself carrying out the same tasks, but openly as the woman you know yourself to be and being terrified of people knowing. Potential derision, humiliation, harassment and, in those days, the sack as either a security risk or just because you are transgender.

My youngest reaches 21 and I feel I can hold my head up in that I did my best for my children. And / but with no one dependent on me any more I can no longer cope with the fact that I hate myself, my body and my life. Guitar amp volume set at eleven for medicinal reasons no longer helps. I get more and more depressed, focusing on the next high, perhaps a weekend in the Manchester ‘Village’, to get me through the present but after each high I reach a deeper low. I became a lone drinker, at home with my bottles of Budweiser. Where that would have led me I’m not sure. Suicide? Quite possibly. That would have been ironic seeing that suicide was used as a threat against me when someone I cared about learned of my gender dysphoria.

But now, increasingly I began to think more and more that it was MY life. Chris Rea sang “You can waste a whole lifetime; trying to be; what you think is expected of you; but you’ll never be free”. I became more aware that I could, and had to do what had always been dismissed as impossible. I confided more in true friends, ceased worrying what others thought of me and started to believe that I was not perhaps too old to take action to realize my true self.

My neighbour told me about a retired doctor who is transsexual. I called to see her, then to my GP. That led to a psychiatrist and then Charing Cross Hospital Gender Clinic. I remember so clearly coming out of my first meeting with the consultant there, the first person I had ever spoken to who could really do something to help me, and hugging my friend amidst tears of happiness.

Local management had little idea what to do when I informed a senior manager of my situation – but we both knew that it was no longer possible to dismiss someone just because they were transsexual. I wouldn’t have cared if they could – except that I needed to show Charing Cross that the real me could exist in the real world. I have. Just months after that chat with the retired doctor I transitioned gender identity and ultimately progressed through surgery. Nowadays I no longer turn away in disgust from the bedroom mirror reflection of my body.

But how was work? Before that first day I had already met a fair few colleagues as my female self. Perhaps, surprisingly no nerves, just an overwhelming sense of contentment. I had put in a lot of groundwork in explaining to one and all beforehand but I still bless a certain character who, instead of saying, “You look good” said “Get your arse downstairs girl, there’s work to be done”. The very first acceptance of me as a working woman.

But not everyone adjusted as easily as that guy. And some clearly never will although harassment policies generally seem to stop them from saying to my face what their eyes betray. Transsexual people have a well-developed radar system born out of self-preservation in a world that too often judges on appearance and labels ‘Pass’ well and live on a knife edge of discovery and potential accusations of deception. ‘Pass’ poorly and face sniggers, pointed fingers and be all too well aware as to why International Transgender Remembrance Day is held. I pass adequately and can work in a public facing role without shredded nerves or needing skin as thick as that of a rhinoceros.

But I still have to live with the nudge, nudge wink, wink brigade. I still cannot be sure who I will be next forced to explain my gender history to as record mismatches are shown up. I have to accept that people will always find me a curiosity. I can handle that but resent being regarded as public property and fair game for judgement. So many assume the moral right to condemn those like me merely for existing yet know so very little about what makes us tick. Do they really think we take this course because of some silly whim? On the other hand, I get sick of people telling me how brave I am. Bravery is the soldier in battle – all people like me have done is face up to what we had to do. We cannot choose whether to enlist or not. It was inside us at birth.

I am so proud of my parents who are wonderful and with whom I’ve found a depth of love that perhaps was never there before. Maybe one day I will get to see my children again. Nothing’s free you see, a price tag on even partial happiness is unavoidable.

Someone special in my life would be nice but maybe that’s being greedy! I can cope with my own company and besides, I’ve got some lovely friends. I no longer cry Bud- flavoured tears at bedtime as I gaze longingly at the pictures of Alice Cooper on the wall. I knew he would understand and never desert me even if the rest of the world did. I have idolized him for over thirty years and it really doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know I exist as he has walked with me through those Dark Ages.

There is so much more to this story – enough to fill a book: Tales of self rejection, Personal relationships, Depths of thought and feeling. But maybe as a side swipe to those who feel the right to hold my life up to public scrutiny, the full story will only ever be known to me.

Since the day I actually embarked on my transsexual journey I have truthfully not once had second thoughts. I have no regrets; except fifty years of living a lie. Fifty years of hiding the truth from the world; fifty lost years, I can never get them back.

I’m offering a signed copy of my MM Romance, Rasputin’s Kiss as my prize for the hop. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post or any page on my website or blog. They will all be thrown in the hat at the end of the hop and I will post anywhere in the world.

Enjoy the rest of the hop – here’s the link back to the site where you can find the full list of participants.



Cover Reveal – A Double-Edged Sword

Becket and Christian’s story will be available soon! Here’s the very first viewing of the cover. I don’t know about you, but this is exactly how I pictured Becket…


Who do you think would make a good Christian?