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I’m blogging today with fellow TEB author Noelle Keaton. Drop by and discover my celebrity crush and the last song that made me rock out, amongst other things!

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August Alfresco – prizes to be won!

I’m taking part in Victoria Blisse’s month long fun-fest, August Alfresco, where lots of authors are posting sexy outdoor scenes on their blogs!

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For my scene, I’ve picked an excerpt from Dancing on the Edge where Aiden and Heath get tangled up in a scramble net! Enjoy.


Heath growled. He actually growled. “You’ve got ten minutes to get to the scramble nets in the woods or I’ll put that tempting cock of yours into a cage tonight and it won’t be eligible for parole for at least a week.”

“You wouldn’t.” “I would. Now move your arse.”

Aiden scrambled to his feet and shot off towards the trees. He knew better than to disobey when Heath made promises like that. Of course, saving himself from chastity didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be punished in some other way. In fact it was cast iron guaranteed.

Heath caught up with him just as he reached the nets and pushed him back against the vertical web of thick, knotted ropes. Aiden bounced and produced a world-class glare.

“Strip.” Heath stood in front of him looking solid, implacable and devastatingly sexy.

“Fuck off!” Aiden glanced around. They were deep in the woods and it was unlikely that anyone would wander by, but it was possible.

“Sweetheart, either do as I say or I will rip your clothes off strip by strip. Choose the latter option and remember that you will be walking back to The Edge butt naked. Your decision.” Heath’s smile was wicked.

“That’s not much of a choice, Sir.” Aiden lowered his eyes, defiance draining from him to be replaced by an aching need to please Heath. He kicked off his running shoes and socks first, then peeled his soggy shirt over his head. His shorts went next, leaving him clad only in a black jockstrap. He hooked a thumb under the elastic.

“Wait. Leave that on.” Heath rummaged in his rucksack and produced several coils of rope. Aiden swallowed hard and watched Heath’s every move. His cock twitched and fought the confines of his underwear. He really wanted to touch himself but didn’t dare. Instead he stood with his hands grasped behind his back to stop them shaking.

“Face the net.” Heath spoke quietly but with authority. Aiden complied and shivered as Heath gently drew his hands apart and wrapped rope around each wrist. “Stretch up on your toes and hold on to the ropes”. Aiden reached as high as he could and grabbed hold. It was good to have something to do with his hands as Heath climbed up the first few rungs and tied first one arm then [0]the other in place. Inevitably, the thrill of being restrained sent shivers of need down Aiden’s spine. The net vibrated as Heath climbed down and stood behind him. Aiden felt a light tap to one ankle and spread his legs wider. Heath set about binding him in place until he was virtually immobile and though he tested the strength of the ropes there was no give. He was completely at Heath’s mercy and it was making him horny as hell.

Aiden jerked as Heath stroked his exposed arse cheeks. He was tied in such a way that his cock, still confined by fabric, jutted through a hole in the rope grid and he could get absolutely no friction. Heath kneaded his flesh and pulled his cheeks apart, exposing his hole to the cool air. Helpless to resist Aiden pushed back towards him, desperate to be filled.

“Please! Heath… Sir!”

“Remembered your manners then? It’s a shame you couldn’t be more respectful earlier.” Heath teased as he touched, “Because now I’m forced to discipline you. Of course, I realise that it’s my fault—leaving you alone for so long was a mistake, and one that needs to be remedied. You understand that I need to remind you who’s in charge, Aiden, don’t you?”

Aiden gasped as his perineum was rubbed. “I’m sorry, Sir! It won’t happen again. Please…I need you in me!”

“Really?” Heath did not sound convinced. “And how many times have you said the same thing? You’re my submissive—you’re supposed to be obedient and respectful.”

Aiden moaned as Heath’s touch disappeared. He could hear him rummaging in the back and seconds later he felt the drape of leather strands across the curve of his backside.

“You packed a flogger to go on a run? Jesus, Heath! What else have you got in that bag?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Heath’s low chuckle gave Aiden goosepimples. The sound of footsteps told him that Heath was moving in front of him. He stared at his tormentor and sagged in his bonds. Heath had that look that Aiden had come to know and crave, a perfect combination of love and stubborn determination. That look meant that nothing Aiden could do or say would make the slightest jot of difference to what was going to happen next. He could beg until his throat was raw and Heath would still do whatever it was he had planned in that dominant mind of his.

Want to know what happens next? Pre-order your copy here!


Busy day!

Wow, so much going on today. Living on the Edge is now on general release and Dancing on the Edge is on pre-release. A new visiting author arrives today – Sage Marlowe, (my release day buddy!) introduces her new book, Stockholm Syndrome. And finally, I’m visiting with Noelle Keaton where you can learn about my last celebrity crush! Have a great day.

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On the Bench

I’m blogging today with the lovely Donna Gallagher. Pop over to On the Bench and find out how I answered some of her Aussie-related questions. Join the debate on the relative merits of rugby union players as opposed to rugby league!