The mince pies are almost gone…

Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely Xmas if you were celebrating. Mine was nice and relaxed, but family stuff means no writing, so it’s good to be back. Chapter 3 of NSFW is now up – I have yet another cold, so please forgive any typos I missed – my concentration is not enhanced by Max Strength Lemsip. One more day to get your comments in before the draw, so let rip and give me your opinions. Max has five very interesting evenings in store… what do you think Blake will get up to? I have it all planned but if anyone comes up with a really special scene idea, it might just appear!

Chapter 2 of NSFW

Thanks for all the lovely comments – they keep me writing!

As an extra treat, check out this video, The Twelve Gays of Christmas. If you haven’t seen it, it will definitely put a smile on your face!

This link will take you to author Devon Rhodes’ blog where there is an interview with one of the dancers as well.

It’s a conundrum!

Well, I can see I’m not going to please everyone, but I think the little but often vote gets it. For those who want to wait for the finished story, i’ll probably post this one on Literotica when it’s done if you want to avoid chapter temptation! Chapter 1 will be up very, very shortly…

Also, as of today, The Portrait is on general release at Total-E-Bound, and Black Dog is available to VIPs on their mailing list.


If you are browsing the pre-release covers you may also see that Stroke Rate has sneaked on to the bottom of the list!

The comment competition is still running – if the winner turns out to be someone who has pre-ordered Black Dog, then the first available copy of Stroke Rate will be yours instead, if you prefer.


Confession time

So I started writing something new. I know, I know… I’m supposed to be working on Fire from Ice but the temptation was too great. So in between the mince pies, a short story is underway. The question is, would you like bitesize chunks, or to wait for the whole pie?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s another picture from Mr. S. to cheer up your day!




You can now find The Portrait on Goodreads, so if you have a bookshelf there, please add and rate it. I’d welcome any invites to be ‘friends’ as well – would love to know what you are all reading! Search under L. M. Somerton and I should pop up.




Picture by By Lin Kristensen from New Jersey, USA (Books of the Past) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons