Great news!

For fans of Alex and Conor – some wonderful news – I’ve been offered a contract for Rasputin’s Kiss.

For those of you who have been along for the ride as I’ve taken baby steps as a published author, you will know how much this means to me. For newer readers, Alex and Conor were my very first characters who started their adventures on the free site, Literotica.

Everyone who read, voted and commented on that first story has been instrumental in bringing them to life for a wider audience. You know who you are.

Thank you.



Blogging today with H C Brown

Pop over and take a look – there’s an excerpt of Dancing on the Edge to tempt you.

Book 4 in the Tales from the Edge series is now underway. Christian and Becket are the lead characters in A Double-Edged Sword, but the old favourites will be there too. Just read a review that calls Olly “a hurricane of a character” – so he’ll have to live up to that!

A Birthday at The Edge

A free short story featuring Olly and Joe is available now at Total-E-Bound. Here’s the blurb to tempt you…

When Olly’s master, Joe, gives him a camera for his birthday, Olly gets up to all kinds of mischief with it. It might be Olly’s special day but that doesn’t exempt him from punishment. After a day of presents and treats, Olly expects Joe’s discipline to be the icing on the cake, but then he discovers that candles aren’t just for making birthday wishes…