Happy St. George’s Day!


England’s patron saint is out and about killing dragons today so thought I’d share a picture – this is by Gustave Moreau, a French symbolist painter.

Trying to get back in the romantic mood for writing after a horrible review was posted on Amazon. Have to stop reading them because they really throw me and I end up not writing for days. The self-pity party is over however and the next chapter of Dancing on the Edge is nearly finished. Hope your own knights in shining armour make appearances today! xx LM

Mountain Rescue is now out on general release

mountainrescue_postcardMountain Rescue is now available on general release! To celebrate I’ve posted a new chapter of Fire from Ice. After all your supportive comments the writing has been going well – less worrying about whether it’s any good is liberating and I trust you all to let me know when it’s not pressing your buttons!

I have the best readers ever.

Writing is hard work!

Chapter 4 of Dancing on the Edge is now up after a couple of rewrites. I don’t know what it is but I just couldn’t get happy with the chapter for a while. Do let me know what you think. This story is probably the most complex I’ve written with a lot more characters involved. Is it working for you as readers? I need some reassurance that you are enjoying this one…