It’s been a busy few days

Only a few days to go now until Reaching the Edge becomes available to pre-order and I’ve just finished the page edits for Living on the Edge. It’s all go! The last two chapters of Dancing on the Edge are also now up – can’t wait to hear what you think. I’ll be picking one comment from someone who will receive a copy of Reaching the Edge – no special rules, i’ll just be choosing a comment I’ve enjoyed from all those posted about the story.

Be warned – the complete story will not be on the Blog for long. As soon as it’s pitched to my publisher it will have to come down!

Blogging today at KoolQueerLit


It’s Man Love May over at Kool Queer Lit and today is my day to blog. There have been loads of great authors posting this month, so drop by and have a browse – my post should be up later today.

Living on the Edge

All the edits are now complete for Reaching the Edge and I’m expecting page edits for Living on the Edge any day now, so I thought it was about time I showed you the new cover!


There’s a new chapter up as well – two treats in one day! Have a great weekend. xx