The Rules of Love


I am a lucky girl… today, Morticia Knight has popped by with an exclusive excerpt from The Rules of Love – historical MM kink, what more could a girl want?

The Rules of Love (The Hampton Road Club 2)

Release Date: February 6th, 2015
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: M/M Historical BDSM
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh

Series Blurb:
Welcome to the Hampton Road Club. It’s the 1920’s and men who enjoy Dominance and submission have to be very careful that their dark desires aren’t discovered. The exclusive and secret Hampton Road Club near Hollywood is one of many private homes around the world that offers facilities for those who practice sadism and masochism. Meet the men who search for love amongst the world of bondage, whips and chains. This is where a Master can find a submissive to cherish forever and a submissive can give himself to his Master for a lifetime of painful pleasure.

Rules of Love Blurb:

Master Saul is captivated by the beautifully submissive Kenneth and the boy’s love of pain. Unfortunately, Kenneth belongs to Master Preston.

It’s 1926, and as one of the founding members of the Hampton Road Club, Master Saul Liebowitz has enjoyed the charms of many willing submissives over the years. One of the newer submissives to the club has captured his attention more than anyone has in a long time. Kenneth is tall, muscular and also seems to have a greater love of pain than most. If only Kenneth didn’t already belong to another Master.

After Kenneth’s Master died years before, he allowed himself to be taken in by the promises of Master Preston. As time has gone by, Preston has become increasingly crueler to the point where Kenneth fears for his life. They’ve recently joined a sadomasochism club and Kenneth can’t help but yearn for the handsome Master the other boys speak so highly of – Master Saul.

Preston takes things too far one night, and when Saul and his good friend, Master Aaron do some investigating, they realize that Kenneth might be in real danger. Amidst turmoil at the club over whether there should be rules to keep the boys safe and Preston’s play for power, Saul searches for a way to save Kenneth from what he’s sure is a deadly situation.

Both men fight for what they believe to be the right thing. When they find their way to one another, a wonderful new world opens up for them together. But there’s one man out there who refuses to let go of the old ways. Kenneth is his property and Master Preston won’t give him up.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of violence and dubious consent.
Although part of a series best read in sequence, this can be read as a standalone.

Exclusive Excerpt:

After all the men had filed out and Theodore had closed the study door, Saul turned to Kenneth. He didn’t want to disentangle his fingers from his, but he needed to take care of the club business. The current drama was not what he’d anticipated at all. He’d certainly assumed there would be tension and a confrontation, but he’d thought it would be between him and Preston without the entire club in attendance. He especially hadn’t thought Kenneth would be there, let alone standing up to the swine. His lips curled into a smile as he remembered Kenneth’s bravery.
“First Linus, then tonight.” He used his other hand to stroke Kenneth’s cheek.
“I’m touched by your courage.”
“Forgive me, Sir. I don’t mean any disrespect, but I don’t understand what I did that was so courageous.”
“Linus told us everything. I know how you sacrificed yourself for him. He’s been very worried about you, so I’ve had Aaron go and fetch him, along with Sam and Francesco.”
Kenneth gasped. “Linus is okay?”
Saul caressed him some more, leaning in to steal a chaste kiss. It had finally sunk in that Kenneth really had given himself to Saul, that Kenneth was truly his. Saul wasn’t sure he’d ever be able to stop touching and kissing him for even a moment.
“Linus is fine and can’t wait to see you. He wanted to thank you in person.”
Kenneth lowered his head and Saul pulled him into an embrace. As Kenneth wrapped his arms around Saul’s waist, his shaft lengthened, filling with his need for Kenneth. With their bodies pressed together and Kenneth nude under the smoking jacket, Saul was treated to Kenneth’s hardness as well. The timing was awful. However, Saul was comforted by the fact that he wished to go home with him to stay. They would have plenty of opportunities from then on.
“Come along, dear Kenneth. I’m going to take you to a room upstairs that’s quiet. I’ll wait with you until Linus and the other men get here. I’ll need you to stay with them while I deal with the members. Can you do that for me?”
Kenneth brought his arms up to wrap them around Saul’s neck. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry I’ve caused so much trouble for you.”
“Don’t be silly. The only one who’s caused any trouble has been Preston, and we’re rid of him now, right?”
“I hope so, Sir.”
Saul frowned. “Are you still worried about him?”
“I don’t know how to explain it, other than being around him daily for the last few years, but it seemed like he gave up awfully fast.”
“He found out the hard way that he couldn’t stand up to a group of Dominant men. His own exaggerated self-worth finally tripped him up. Preston’s a coward, dearest Kenneth. He used your willingness to be submissive to him as a weapon against you. He wasn’t able to pull that same crap on a room full of masters, so he fled.”
“Okay, thank you, Sir. I don’t want to spend all my time worrying about him. I just want to enjoy it with you.”
Saul smiled against Kenneth’s head. “This is nice.”
“Yes, Sir. Thank you for holding me.”
“I should be the one to thank you.” Saul jostled him. “Don’t protest, boy. I’ve been without a partner for many years and I’ve never had the privilege to have one live with me. I’m a very lucky man.”
Kenneth squeezed him. “Can I have a kiss again?”
Saul drew his head back and Kenneth tilted his chin up. This time when Kenneth parted for him, he accepted the offering of his mouth. Plunging in with his tongue, he tasted Kenneth for the first time. He was sweet and hot and everything Saul had hoped for. He delved deeper until their teeth clacked together, Kenneth’s lips smashed against his. He was so fucking hard, leaking in his under shorts, but he didn’t want to stop.
He groaned in frustration at the knock on the study door. When he peered down at Kenneth, he couldn’t help but grin at the sight. His eyes were hooded, pupils wide open to highlight the amber in his eyes, his lips swollen and moist. Saul would have given anything to throw him over the couch and bury his cock in Kenneth’s perfect round ass, right then and there.

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