Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in England, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. When I was planning what to write on this theme, I knew roughly when it took place and that it had something to do with turkey, so consider me educated! I’ve done some research and read up on the history of the event. There seems to be a fair amount of overlap with the Harvest Festival season here and giving thanks for the bounty of the year.

thanksgivingMany of my characters have plenty to give thanks for. I do have a habit of dragging them through the mill a bit before they get their happy endings, so I thought I’d let one of them talk about what giving thanks would mean to him. If you haven’t met Olly Glenn yet, he’s the central character in Reaching the Edge, the first book in my Tales from the Edge series and he appears in all the subsequent books. He’s a bubbly, irrepressible brat with golden curls and an alarming propensity for getting in to trouble… here’s what he had to say.

“This Thanksgiving thingummy sounds fabulous. Anything that brings with it an excuse to eat scrummy things is good with me. Joe (he’s my Dom) doesn’t let me eat too much sugar because he says it’s too much like hard work getting me down from the ceiling afterwards. What can I say? I like to bounce. I love him to bits but he can be way too strict. But seriously, and yes I can be serious, if we had a day for giving thanks it would have to be a long one. Joe brought me back from the brink. He saved my life and I’ll always be thankful that he rescued me from the abusive freak that treated me like garbage. True love – that’s something to be thankful for isn’t it? In all its forms, kinky or vanilla. I’m so lucky I found someone who understands me, knows what I need… wow, I’m getting all gooey. Sorry. I’m thankful for my friends (even though my best friend Aiden is far too brainy and pretty for his own good), my lovely home on an island off the coast of Yorkshire – after all, how many people get to live at an exclusive corporate training centre that secretly doubles up as a BDSM school! Oh yes – I have to be thankful for my job too, for all the military servicemen who survive their injuries and let me nurse them better even if they do get grouchy as heck. That’s my harvest I suppose – I’ve grown too, grown in to myself if that makes sense. Of course I’m also thankful that Joe likes to tie me up and spank me… am I allowed to say that?”

I’m not sure I can follow that so I won’t even try. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today!

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