So much going on!

I’ve been neglecting the blog (yet again) but I have a good excuse, honest. Three releases on the way equates to a lot of promo work and it all takes time. Sob story over… here’s what’s coming up:


The Hard Riders Anthology is available for early download now. It contains three hot biking stories by me, Morticia Knight and Jenna Byrnes. Early reviews have been fantastic, with 5 stars from Multi-tasking Mommas and a heading that reads “Now, this is what you call an erotic, bad-ass anthology that actually works!”


If you’d prefer to buy the stories individually, my contribution, Mantrap will be available for early download on December 12th – add it to your wishlist now!

Next up is Tarot’s Touch, book #3 in the Investigating Love series. This is available to pre-order at Totally Bound – click the book cover for the link.


And finally, the fifth book in the Tales from the Edge series, Rough Around the Edges will be following close behind in January. God, I love that cover!



2 thoughts on “So much going on!

  1. Allie says:

    Wow, you have been busy. Love the new cover, have pre-ordered Tarot’s Touch and bought the Hard Riders Anthology. Just need to find time now for a spot of reading. A difficult task at this time of year with all the Christmas shopping. I don’t know how you find the time for all your writing but am very very pleased that you do!🎉


  2. lmsomerton says:

    Thanks Allie, I need to fit in some reading time too… I have an E-reader full of temptation!


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