Smuggler’s Grasp

smugglersgrasp_free_800If you haven’t already discovered it, there is a new free short story on the Totally Bound site featuring characters from the Investigating Love series. It’s called Smuggler’s Grasp and picks up a story thread that began in Evil’s Embrace. Time wise, it fits between Evil’s Embrace and book #3 in the series, Tarot’s Touch (out later this year).


If you were thinking of trying the series, it will give you a flavor of my writing style and you’ll get to meet the two main characters from the series, Alex and Conor.

The first book in the series, Rasputin’s Kiss, has been awarded an Honorable Mention in this year’s Rainbow Awards – so that’s a ringing endorsement from someone other than me! (I confess to being a tad biased)


2 thoughts on “Smuggler’s Grasp

  1. Terri Culverwell says:

    I have them all. Highly recommend to everyone!


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