GRL 2014 – books for signing

grl-2014-logoI’ve had a few people ask about books for signing at GRL. Due to local tax issues and the fact that I will be traveling transatlantic, I will not be bringing books to sell at the event. I would love to sign books you already have (however dog-eared they might be!). You can also order paperbacks and bring them along. Alternatively, if you don’t want to carry heaps of books with you, I will be bringing some bookplates with me that you can take away and stick in your copies back at home 🙂

I have the following editions available in paperback:

Tales from the Edge Volume I (Books #1 and #2)

Tales from the Edge Volume II (Books #3 and #4)

Rasputin’s Kiss

Evil’s Embrace

What’s his Passion? anthology

The links above will take you to the Totally Bound 1-click pages, but these are also available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance etc.

I’ll be bringing along a limited amount of swag – the offspring has been making bracelets for me and I have some fridge magnets and other goodies, but most of all I’m looking forward to seeing you, so please say hello. Hugs gladly accepted!

magnets  P1070716

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