Morticia Knight is Rockin’ the Alternative


Thank you so much LM for hosting me here at your blog. As most of you know, LM and I (along with four other amazing authors) are a part of the new What’s His Passion? imprint from Totally Bound. LM’s story, Picturing Lysander, was just released, and now it’s my little offering’s turn.

In Rockin’ the Alternative, music journalist Bryan Gallagher has a meeting with his all-time favorite rock idol, Aubrey King. It turns out that Aubrey is interested in working with someone on his memoirs. It would be a dream assignment for Bryan, and he wonders if Aubrey is finally ready to answer all the questions that have swirled around the singer for years regarding his sexuality.

For his part, Aubrey has watched the career of Bryan with interest. Finally ready to make a comeback after a self-imposed exile, he wants to tell his story his way. He’s hand-picked Bryan and after meeting him, is convinced that he would not only be right as his memoirist, but as his lover. But there’s only one problem. Bryan is straight. Not only that, but would a failed liaison ruin their chances of working together? Or will their shared passion for alternative rock music be what finally brings them together?

In this short snippet, Aubrey teases Bryan a bit, and Bryan begins to wonder exactly what it is Aubrey really wants from him.

Excerpt from Rockin’ the Alternative by Morticia Knight

Their food was handed to Aubrey in a plastic bag. Bryan reached for it, and Aubrey inclined his head, that secretive smile he was so proficient at quirking the edges of his lips.
“Thank you, Bryan. You’re very well mannered. My impression of you is that you like to please. That’s a trait I appreciate in a man.”
Bryan took the bag, wondering where the innuendo Aubrey maintained was headed. It put him on edge knowing that he might have to fend off unwanted advances from someone he so desperately admired and ached to work with.
Would they be unwanted?
His cock twitched slightly and he almost dropped their bag of food. He cleared his throat and tried to will the furious heat in his face to go away.
Get a hold of yourself, you idiot.
Aubrey was merely trying to rattle him—that was all it was. It seemed more and more to Bryan that Aubrey was about to reveal to him that he was gay and was preparing him for the grand revelation. At least, he was pretty sure that was what he was doing. After all, it was ridiculous to even consider that Aubrey would ever be interested in him. He was merely a music geek.
Once they were seated back in Aubrey’s car, Bryan tried to come up with a topic of conversation that wouldn’t devolve into double entendre. But Aubrey’s quick mind was ahead of him again.
“Can I show off for you, Bryan? I want to play a new track I’ve been working on for someone who would really appreciate it. I haven’t revealed it to anyone yet.”
Barely able to contain his excitement at such an offer, Bryan strove to keep the giddiness out of his voice.
“I would be honored, Aubrey. I take it this piece is one of the ones you’re working on for your comeback?”
“That it is, Bryan. Is that excitement I detect in your voice?”
Bryan sighed. Aubrey was apparently stuck on being a tease, so he would go along with it. Perhaps it was merely his typical way of communicating. He might have been flattering himself all along thinking that Aubrey had any sort of attraction to him.
“And why wouldn’t I be excited about something you were about to show me?”
Aubrey burst out laughing. “I’ll keep that in mind. Now remember, this is a rough cut so you’re about to get me raw and naked.”
Bryan didn’t feel the need to encourage him so he kept silent even though he was sure Aubrey had paused for effect.
“What’s it called?”
Aubrey’s gaze flitted his way. “Tough Survives.”
“Mmm. I love the sound of it already. And yes, that is definite excitement you’re detecting.”
“I’m so glad to hear that, Bryan.”
The tone of his voice was low and enticing. Bryan couldn’t shake the lingering belief that Aubrey was putting the make on him. This time, his cock did more than twitch. Right as he was becoming genuinely concerned that he might get an erection, the opening lines of Aubrey’s song filled the car. He was beyond being concerned about an arousal. He was fully hard and didn’t care. All he could focus on was the pure sound of Aubrey’s growling tenor against the backdrop of his plaintive acoustic guitar playing. He was right. It was raw and naked, but it was also breathtakingly beautiful.
They sat in silence as the song played. Tears filled Bryan’s eyes as he listened to every pain-filled, vulnerable word. No one created music the way Aubrey did. Nothing had ever been able to touch him on such a primal level as the songs crafted by Aubrey. Riding in his car and being the first to listen to a new song he had just recorded made Bryan wonder why he’d ever been interested in listening to any music other than Aubrey’s at all.


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