Picturing Lysander – Available Now!

WHP_LM Somerton_Social Media_final

It’s my turn this week as Picturing Lysander becomes the fifth release from Totally Bound’s new What’s His Passion? imprint. I thought I ought to answer the question I’ve been asking all the other authors in the anthology – why did you choose the passion that you did?

I always knew that Lysander was going to be a photographer. I saw some landscapes by Galen Rowell in one of those coffee table books and was mesmerised by the images. In a retrospective of Galen’s work, there’s a quote in the forward that says, “Galen Rowell was a man who went into the mountains, into the desert, to the edge of the sea, to the last great wild places in the world to be absorbed by their grace and grandeur. That is what he did for himself. For the rest of us, he shared his vision with – click – the release of a shutter, creating photographs as timeless, as stunning, and as powerful as nature itself.”

That was my vision for Lysander. He takes pictures for himself, not just to make a living. His passion for his work means that he lives a professional life without limits. I wanted to explore whether the same might apply to his love life. Picturing Lysander is the start of that story.


Don’t forget, there’s a competition running to celebrate the release of the What’s His Passion? anthology. Here’s the link: a Rafflecopter giveaway. You can comment on this post or the previous ones about Bailey Bradford, Ethan Stone, TA Chase and Sean Michael. Next week, Morticia Knight will be the final release from the collection and will be here on the blog 🙂

You can also take part in the big release party on Facebook – just click here to join in. There will be loads of great prizes and the authors will be there to answer your questions, so don’t be shy!



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