Ethan Stone – Vegas Hustle


Ethan’s is the second story to be revealed from the What’s His Passion? imprint at Totally Bound. I can’t wait to read this one! I asked him why he chose comic books as Adam Brand’s passion and Ethan’s reply?

“I chose comic books because I am a fan boy with a large collection.”

Well, well… I wonder which comic books are in that collection? Maybe the story will give us an insight!

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Here’s the blurb and an excerpt from Vegas Hustle…

A business trip to Las Vegas becomes a life or death situation for a comic book fan.
Comic book geek Adam Brand is young, good-looking and wealthy. He’s also a virgin because he’s not skilled at picking up guys. While in Vegas with his friend Dean to finalize a real estate deal, he throws caution to the wind and hires a professional. Hustler Javier Campos is just Adam’s type and his first time is perfect.
Things go very wrong when Dean and Adam have a run-in with two corrupt cops and Dean ends up dead. Adam must go into hiding with Javier where they realise their attraction is more than just a business arrangement.

I ended the call and went in search of Javi. I found him sitting in the hot tub, his clothes off to the side. “How is it?”
“Perfect,” he answered. “You should get in.”
I didn’t wait for a second invitation and quickly stripped my clothes off then got into the water and sat next to Javi. He put an arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek.
“You okay?” I asked. “You seem introspective.”
“Yeah, doing some thinking.”
I pulled Javi around and he straddled me.
“I’m not doing this for the money, Adam.” He ran a hand through my hair. “I’m helping you because it’s the right thing to do.”
“You don’t want the money?”
He bit his top lip. “I didn’t say that. I could definitely use the money. I could get off the streets and stop hustling, but I would help you even if there wasn’t money involved. It’s important you know that.”
He was so sweet and caring. Javi had a strong moral code and was a man of his word. He was captivating and charming. I wanted to get to know him better. I didn’t want him out of my life when this ordeal was over.
“I believe you, Javi. I trust you implicitly even though I’ve only known you a very short time.”
He kissed my forehead, but I guided his face downward and swiped my tongue across his lips. I smiled when he groaned and pushed his hard cock into my belly.
I leaned forward and tongued first one nipple then the other. “I’ve always wanted to have sex in a hot tub.”
“It’s not as fun as it sounds,” he said. “Water doesn’t work as lube and it’s easy to get overheated which results in shrinkage.”


Bio: Ethan Stone has recently returned to Oregon and is working on re-growing his web feet. He has been obsessed with two things in his life: books and all things gay. After spending years trying to ignore the voices in his head, he finally decided to sit down and listen to them.
What he discovered was a perfect union of his two obsessions. Ethan used to have a day job that paid the bills. He wore a uniform to work and he looked damn sexy in it. Now he gets to wear sweatpants and watch movies all day.

Don’t forget, you can still take a look at an excerpt from Bailey Bradford’s story in the series, Unexpected Places, just click here.

My own story will be out later on this month 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Ethan Stone – Vegas Hustle

  1. Terri Culverwell says:

    I have downloaded it. Looking forward to reading it sometime this weekend. Although LM’s latest Edge story will be first, it is definitely on the list for this holiday weekend


  2. I think the book sounds absolutely amazing and one that is on my wishlist. I can’t wait to read it and I can’t wait for the event!!! Thanks!


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