It’s release day!

As usual, I am bouncing around the house like a three year old. I hope release days always feel this way 🙂

evilsembrace_800Here’s a buy link for Evil’s Embrace:

All Romance

Needless to say Amazon is behind the curve, but I’ll post the links as soon as I have them.

Here’s a new excerpt to tempt you…

As he pulled back the covers a flicker of movement caught Conor’s eye. The man at his shoulder was bigger than him and strong, too strong. His attacker placed his hand across Conor’s mouth, preventing any cry for help. Not that there was anyone likely to come running if Conor did manage to yell. He was held tightly, a muscled arm around his chest pinning his arms to his sides, rendering him helpless. For an instant he panicked, every muscle tensed and his heart pounded. Adrenaline surged through his body and he struggled hard to gain leverage.
“Don’t speak. Can’t risk anyone knowing I’m here,” a familiar voice whispered in his ear.
Conor let out the breath that he hadn’t even realised he was holding. Alex’s low tones were the best thing Conor had heard in days, even if Alex was likely going to give him a mouthful for being so careless about his safety.
Conor wanted to ask Alex what the hell he was doing there, potentially compromising the whole operation. Instead, he nodded his understanding, turned into Alex’s arms and gave him a long, slow kiss.
Alex hooked a finger under Conor’s towel and pulled. It dropped to the floor in a damp heap and was kicked away. Conor forgot how to breathe again as Alex stroked his chest and stomach before wrapping his cock in a firm grip. Conor leaned against him with a small sigh and pressed his arse against Alex’s very obvious erection. Wondering why Alex was there became the least important thing on his mind.
“God, I miss you.”
Alex’s whispered words were urgent with need and made Conor tremble in anticipation. The gnawing ache that had been present inside him since he and Alex had been separated was gone. He didn’t resist as Alex spun him around and cupped a hand at the back of his neck, pulling him close for an intense kiss. Conor was almost out of breath when Alex moved back a little. His eyes gleamed with intensity as he stroked Conor’s skin. Every touch sent ripples of desire to Conor’s groin and when Alex brushed the curve of Conor’s arse, he almost came. Alex probed firmly at his entrance and Conor whimpered.
“Hush, you need to be quiet.” Alex’s words were barely audible but full of amusement.
Conor clamped his lips together and jerked as Alex’s finger gained entry. It was all very well Alex insisting he was quiet but Conor was getting jaw ache from the strain of keeping his mouth shut. The slight invasion burned very nicely. Conor’s cock hardened and began to throb. It took all his willpower not to cry out and beg for more. He trusted Alex not to hurt him and knew that his lover wouldn’t go further than a single finger without lube, but the pain was sweet. Conor pushed back, wanting more, but Alex was having none of it.
The finger was withdrawn, and with gentle but persistent manoeuvring, Alex pushed Conor towards the bed. “I want you face down.”
Alex spoke so quietly Conor could hardly make out the words, but a gentle push made sure he got the message. He complied, crawling onto the bed and propping himself up on his elbows. He missed the sensation of Alex’s finger inside him—he desperately wanted to be filled. Alex undressed, then the weight of his powerful body lowered onto him as Alex sat across Conor’s hips. Conor felt how hard Alex was but his lover made no attempt to take him immediately. Conor wasn’t feeling particularly submissive. He wanted action.



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