It’s early release day for Evil’s Embrace


Available now from Totally Bound 🙂 Here’s a little snippet to tempt you…

Detective Conor Trethuan was, in Alex’s humble and totally biased opinion, the most beautiful man he’d ever set eyes on. Sipping a glass of nicely chilled orange juice he examined Conor from head to toe. Dark, almost black hair, nicely tousled—check. Gorgeous green eyes shaded by long dark lashes—check. The hottest body he’d ever had the luck to get his hands on—check. Conor put a plate of sea bass and vegetable rice in front of him—it could have been a fish paste sandwich for all Alex cared—and gave him a pained look.
“I wish you wouldn’t look at me like that.” There was a slight tinge of pink on Conor’s defined cheekbones.
“Like what?” Alex acted the innocent.
“As if you want to rip my clothes off and toss me over your shoulder like some marauding Viking invader.” Conor clambered onto his stool and began to eat.
“Oh, like that. Well it would be difficult not to look at you that way, because that’s exactly what I would like to do to you. A bit of marauding in the evening is always a good thing.” Alex mulled over that idea as he ate. “Mmm. This is delicious. Of course I wouldn’t be able to stop there. Ravishing would have to follow.”
Conor nibbled at his bottom lip. “And what exactly would that entail?”
“Well… A gag, of course, and some nice thick rope to tie you down with.”
Conor rolled his eyes. “Of course.”
“You’d fight me all the way, obviously, so I’d have to subdue you with a good paddling. Show you who’s boss.”
Conor shifted on his stool and Alex gave him an evil grin. “I do love it when a captive struggles.”
“Eat your dinner, Alex.”



3 thoughts on “It’s early release day for Evil’s Embrace

  1. Allie says:

    I know what I wll be reading this weekend, when I get a chance. Can’t wait – oh yea, I don’t need to. Now where did I put my glasses?


  2. JayVaughn says:

    Yay! I downloaded it. Can’t wait to start reading. Maybe I should write something first — and I still have four hours of work to do for my pesky day job today. But I’ll get to it before the day’s over, that’s for sure.


  3. Allie says:

    Just finished reading this. A good combination of two stories and a lot hotter than I remember. Are you going to release Jamie and Bubba’s story in the near future? Jamie reminds me a little of Ollie, with his energy levels.


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