Welcome, visiting author L M Brown

L M Brown has kindly answered my questions and given us a taste of her temptingly titled book, My Boyfriend is an Alien. Don’t forget to comment and make her feel welcome – all comments still count towards my draw to win a signed copy of Tales from the Edge Part 1 🙂


What inspired you to write your first book?

I first started writing seriously after being caught up in the Harry Potter fan fiction arena.  I wrote a really long story that was Remus/Sirius slash and finished up at about 400,000 words.  I got a bit carried away. Even though I had written some original fiction before it was short stories and I had not kept any of them. Then I suddenly realised that if I could finish a story that long for fan fiction, maybe it was time to try going back to my own stories and characters for another try.

I wrote my first story without any intention of letting it go anywhere, but then saw an open call for Halloween stories that suited my story perfectly. Without much thought for what I was doing I sent it in and was lucky enough to get a contract for it. I’ve been writing my original fiction stories ever since.  Though I do slip back into fandom now and again since it is still far too much fun to play in someone else’s sandbox.

Where and when do you write best? 

I tend to write best when I am at home alone with no interruptions.  Unfortunately those occasions are few and far between, particularly at this time of the year.  At least in the summer my cats are more likely to be outside rather than trying to take advantage of the heat of the laptop.

What are you writing at the moment?

I have just finished the first draft of my first mermen novel which I wrote for this years NaNoWriMo.  It is called Forbidden Waters and will be the first book in a series which is in need of a new series title.  *suggestions always welcome*  It is a ménage novel, all men, and I am hoping to get it submitted to a publisher some time over the next couple of months.

I am also still working on the final Heavenly Sins book which is high on my priority list for projects to finish as I have heard there are a couple of people who are actually waiting to read it. 😉 

So, at the moment it is very much ménage stories on the forefront of my list of projects.

And the fun stuff…

Slow romance or straight to the chase?

Slow, definitely.  The best things are worth waiting for.

Hearth rug or picnic rug?

Hearth rug – I don’t do insects and picnics tend to bring them out in droves.

Furry or smooth?

Smooth. The only exception to furry is Sean Connery. 😉

Silk, leather or lace?

Silk. Yeah, I carry on with the smooth theme there too.

Blindfold or gag?

Blindfold.  I don’t think a gag would ever be good for this chatterbox.

By the campfire or on the beach?

Despite being in the Girl Guides I have never been that good at lighting campfires. So I would have to go for the beach since I suspect the fire would end up with me losing my temper and throwing bits of wood at anyone in the vicinity who is laughing at my ridiculous attempts at lighting a simple fire.

Whipped cream or hot wax?

Whipped cream.  Hot wax only goes on my eyebrows and then only when absolutely necessary. *ouch*


My Boyfriend’s an Alien by L.M. Brown


Can an alien with no knowledge of humans or concept of sex find lasting love with a human man?

Zak, an alien from the planet Trimmeron, is a member of a race of beings who transform into other species during their years of puberty. It’s customary for the youngsters to be fostered to the worlds native to their new forms, to study and learn about the races who will play an important part in their lives.

When Zak turns into a human, it comes as a surprise to everyone, for only one other before him has ever done so. Nevertheless he is sent to Earth, a world he views as primitive and barbaric. He arrives with a chip on his shoulder and attitude to spare. He does not believe that anyone on Earth could have anything to teach him.

When Zak meets college student Sam he soon discovers he has a lot to learn, not only about humans, but also about himself.

Trapped on an unfamiliar world and in a strange body that seems to have a mind of its own, Zak has no idea what is happening to him—only that Sam seems to be the key to the strange afflictions he is suffering from.

But can an alien find love with a human being?


“I can’t believe you took one of the natives as your partner!”

“She’s what humans call my soulmate.” Darren said the words as though they explained everything. “We joined our life forces on Trimmeron. We’re also what humans call married, which makes her my wife and me her husband. You won’t know the terms, but they mean virtually the same thing as partner on our planet, just without the ritual of life sharing.”

“You share your life with one of the natives?” Zak couldn’t keep the shock from his voice. Everything from the knowledge implant indicated that humans were one of the most primitive races in the universe. How could Darren even consider spending his life with one of them?

“That’s right.”

“But why?”

“Because I didn’t want to lose her. Human lives are far shorter than our own. Humans are lucky to live one hundred of their years.”

“How long is a human year?”

“Three hundred and sixty-five revolutions of the Earth on its axis. Each revolution is called a day and takes twenty four hours to complete. Earth’s days are shorter than ours by a few hours.”

Zak nodded. “Three hundred and sixty-five days, got it.”

“Well, except every four years when there’s an extra day because it’s a leap year,” Darren amended.


“Don’t ask. I never really understood the calendar myself.”

Zak sat quietly and did the calculations in his head. “Are you saying you joined with a native, knowing it would take thousands of years off of your own life?”

“That’s right.”


Darren smiled as he faced the road ahead. “Simple really. I’d rather live five thousand years with my Eleanor than ten thousand years alone.”

Zak shook his head. He’d never heard of anything so foolish.

Buy Link: https://www.totallybound.com/my-boyfriends-an-alien

Author Bio

L.M. Brown lives in England, in a quaint little village that time doesn’t seem to have touched. No, wait a minute- that’s the retirement biography. Right now she is in England in a medium sized town that no one has ever heard of, so shewon’t bore you with the details. Keeping her company are numerous sexy men. She just wishes that they weren’t all inside her head.

L.M. Brown loves hearing from readers so don’t be shy.

Where to find L.M. Brown

Website – http://lmbrownauthor.wordpress.com/

Blog – http://lmbrownauthor.blogspot.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/L.M.Brown.author

Twitter – @LMBrownAuthor

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  1. machurch00 says:

    This sounds really cute!


  2. I love paranormal romance and this looks hot!


  3. L.M. Brown says:

    Thanks for having me here, LM.


  4. avidreadr says:

    The new book sounds intriguing. I enjoy paranormal romance.


  5. Cheri says:

    this sounds really interesting. wish new reading material was in the budget right now


  6. sherry1969 says:

    Sounds like it will be a very good book.


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