A Birthday at The Edge

A free short story featuring Olly and Joe is available now at Total-E-Bound. Here’s the blurb to tempt you…

When Olly’s master, Joe, gives him a camera for his birthday, Olly gets up to all kinds of mischief with it. It might be Olly’s special day but that doesn’t exempt him from punishment. After a day of presents and treats, Olly expects Joe’s discipline to be the icing on the cake, but then he discovers that candles aren’t just for making birthday wishes…


8 thoughts on “A Birthday at The Edge

  1. Kazy Reed says:

    So cute! Ouch, but cute. I love his…victims reactions.


  2. Mo says:

    Woohoo! Just downloaded it, can’t wait to read it 😀


  3. machurch00 says:

    Got it too! Loved it. 😉 Couldn’t find it on GR though and wanted to add it. Will it be there soon?


  4. bel7003 says:

    Great! I love Olly and Joe’s relationship. And Oly is a lovely brat! He goes to extremes in order to get punished. Eheh! I would love to see Aiden and Heath’s reactions when they saw the pictures Olly took of their lover.


  5. JayVaughn says:

    Love it — just the blurb, I mean. I’ve been so busy, I’m just now getting around to reading this post. I’ll check out the story as soon as I can take three breaths without multitasking.


  6. Nikki Rogers says:

    mmm… delicious as ever… any chance of a Heath & Aiden short story?


  7. Allie says:

    Just back from hols ( forgot to take my iPad) and have now downloaded and read Birthday at the Edge. Loved it, and I am sure that Ollie will have managed to send THE photo to Aiden somehow before it was deleted.


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