Off on my holidays

For the next two weeks, I will be happily cruising the Baltic and using days at sea to (hopefully) finish Fire from Ice. In the meantime, I have finally given in and joined Twitter. There won’t be much tweeting going on while I’m away, but you can follow me @LMSomerton, if you are the tweeting kind!

If you’ve already read Reaching the Edge, any reviews would be much appreciated. You can post them on my pages at Total-E-Bound, on Goodreads or on Amazon once the book becomes available on general release on July 17th. I know it takes time and effort and be assured, I appreciate every line no matter how short! Joe and Olly have got off to a good start with 4.25 stars from Joyfully Jay in the kind of review I like – critical but constructive. The reviewer said, “I loved the relationship between Olly and Joe, though. There was definitely some rough play between the two, but the genuine affection they had for each other balanced it out. These are my favorite type of BDSM books, where the Dom is a sexy muscled man in leather, and the sub is an angel-faced waif.”

See you in two weeks!

One thought on “Off on my holidays

  1. Mo says:

    Have a great time, my mum did a Baltic cruise a few years ago and loved it!
    Lol wondered if it would be long before you joined twitter, I’ve followed you 😀


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