Catching up a bit…

Suddenly realised there were a few things I hadn’t done, but now that the page and line edits for Dancing on the Edge are done, life is a bit more relaxed. Sooo…

I will shortly be sending out review copies of Reaching the Edge to the three lucky folks who requested them a while back. I need to know if you want .epub or .pdf files, so could Rosie M, Dragoncandles and Elanor93 drop me a line to let me know?

The free copy for my favourite comment on pre-order day goes to JayVaughn. Anyone who has to argue with themselves over whether to go to work or read my books is good with me!

I’ve posted a new chapter of Fire from Ice, so comment away and let me know what you think. You never know, a comment that makes me giggle may just attract a freebie!

And finally… I’m on facebook at last! Still adding to my page, but do send a friend request if you get the chance.


One thought on “Catching up a bit…

  1. .pdf version would work great for me. Can’t wait. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Love your work. DragonCandles



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