5 thoughts on “New chapter posted

  1. Madhga (Solmaz) says:

    Icy, Hot


  2. starnite owl says:

    Love it love it !!!!!!!!

    Personal opinion but I think title should reflect opposites as soulmates or coming together , like a ying/yang kind of thing.
    Love and Passion from Light and Dark
    Heat and Ice Together
    Ice and Flame

    I’m sure you can think of something much better, but that’s my. quarter’s worth of opinion (have no idea how that is in English currency!!! ) : )


  3. starnite owl says:

    Can’t resist putting in a p.s.

    I can’t really say I am totally concerned about changing/editing the title. As long as I know it’s a story of Alex and Connor you could name it polka dots and stripes. I am just jumping for joy that it is to be published and I can buy it and put it in my library and read it whenever I want!!!!!


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