Please give a warm welcome to J P Bowie!

Today I’m over the moon to have J P Bowie as my guest. He’s one of my favourite authors in the genre and I’m feeling quite star struck. J P was kind enough to answer a few questions… enjoy!

How did you get started?

I had been writing gay fiction for a couple of years, then about six years ago I wrote a story called My Vampire and I. It was going to be a short story – one of several short erotic stories I’d been thinking of writing as a collection. But when Roger Folsom met Marcus Verano, Master Vampire, their story couldn’t possibly be told in less than novel length. Round that time I met prima author, Carol Lynne (via email), and she encouraged me to send my vampire tale to Total-e-bound. I did, and I’m still happily writing m/m erotica for TEB

Where and when do you write best?

At my desk – the computer seems to act as my muse.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block?

Oh yes… I hate it especially when it comes midway through a story. My poor partner, Phil, suffers even more than I do. I get very cranky.

And the really interesting ones…

Slow romance or straight to the chase?

As women know, men tend to think with their lower extremities which works well in erotica – the instant attraction and all that – I’m all for it myself!

Hearth rug or picnic rug?

Hearth – don’t want ants getting in the way!

Denim or leather?

Hmm, not sure on that one. They both have their appeal, cowboys in jeans might have the edge however

Dark or blonde?

Dark, blond, redhead, all of the above.

Pretty or rugged?

Definitely rugged – I have to be the pretty one. LOL

Fur lined or steel? (I’ll leave the ‘what’ to your imagination!)

You know, I really don’t have a clue what that means – but I’m willing to find out!

Some of those answers really deserve comments!

J P had a great story included in the Promoted by the Billionaire anthology by Total-E-Bound. Here’s the blurb and a really tempting excerpt:

Fly to Him

A young flight attendant gets a billionaire’s attention in a way that could have meant the end of his career, but instead could be the beginning of an unexpected romance.

When Kevin Tate takes over for a friend as flight attendant on billionaire Logan Maguire’s private jet, he is certain it will be his one and only time aboard when he accidentally dumps an ice-cold drink on his employer’s lap. Instead, an instant attraction flares between the two men and Kevin accepts Logan’s offer to stay with him at his villa in Puerta Vallarta.

Their fledgling romance is abruptly brought to an end when Logan hurries back to the States on a desperate mission to save his company from a hostile takeover. Kevin is left wondering if success and wealth is more important to the billionaire than the chance of love and real happiness.


Excerpt: Takes place after Kevin has accidentally dumped an ice cold drink on Logan’s lap…
It seemed the man really did have everything. Money, looks and a very nice dick. Most likely all he’d have to do to get some guy in the sack with him was just whistle.
Kevin smiled as he recalled his dad’s obsession with old movies shown on the TCM channel. One of his favourites had starred Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not, when a sultry Bacall had leaned against the door and said, ‘You know how to whistle, don’t you? You just put your lips together, and blow’.
Kevin would love to put his and Logan’s lips together…and all the rest. He was hard again. He found a plastic bag behind the bar and shoved Logan’s pants and briefs inside, making a mental note not to forget them when they deplaned.
“Scotch and soda again?” he asked, reaching for the glasses.
“Scotch rocks this time,” Logan replied. “You have whatever you like.” He sat up on one of the bar stools and watched as Kevin prepared their drinks. “How long have you been a flight attendant?”
“Three years. I was working for Jetair until recently. It seems they had a financial meltdown, and had to let a bunch of us go. I was really glad when Cindy called with this job. I mean, I’m sorry she’s sick, but it came at the right moment.” Kevin placed a napkin in front of Logan and set his glass down on top. “Well, cheers—and thanks again for being so nice about the mess I made.”
They clinked glasses and their eyes met over the rims as they sipped their drinks. Once again Kevin was momentarily taken aback by how amazing Logan’s eyes were. Blue, but not just blue. Azure would be a better description—and totally stunning. His cock continued to react shamelessly, stiffening even more inside his boxers. He gulped at his drink and choked, then began coughing uncontrollably.
Shit almighty. What the hell next?
He was aware that Logan had jumped off the bar stool and was now standing alongside him. He couldn’t believe it when the man started patting him gently on the back.
God, but this is embarrassing. He’ll never want me working on another flight for him!
“Are you all right?” Logan’s voice sounded so concerned and sincere.
Kevin nodded, unable to speak, gasping for breath, his eyes streaming. He almost choked again when strong arms enfolded him and he was pressed up against the solid wall of Logan’s chest, the man rubbing his back in small, calming circles. Kevin thought maybe the choking fit had killed him—he’d died and gone to heaven, and Logan Maguire was his guardian angel, sent to comfort him, hold him, and, from the feel of something very hard pressing against his thigh, do some other very welcome things to him.
He leant back a little and gazed into Logan’s eyes.
“You sure you’re okay?” The man’s voice was decidedly husky.
“Uh-huh. Very okay…now.”
Logan smiled, then lowered his head slightly and took Kevin’s lips with a kiss that had Kevin pushing himself deeper into Logan’s arms and moaning softly as his head spun from the tingling sensations coursing through his body.
“Oh wow,” he murmured when the pressure on his lips eased up a little. “I never saw that coming.” And the guy hadn’t even whistled.

You can get hold of the whole story here. Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Promoted
by the Billionaire anthology by Total-E-Bound

Do drop in and visit J P’s website at

4 thoughts on “Please give a warm welcome to J P Bowie!

  1. JP Bowie says:

    Thanks Lu for the warm welcome! Cheers, JP


  2. Urb says:

    I enjoyed Fly to Him very much! Dang. I should have become a flight attendant! Thank you!


  3. Martha says:

    I enjoyed the blurb…Will have to wait till payday to get the ebook. Congratulations and I enjoyed reading your interview.


  4. ‘And the guy hadn’t even whistled…’

    Great excerpt, J.P.! I felt every iota of the tension.


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