Silence may be golden

But not when it’s on a blog! Sorry I’ve been awol for a few days – the evil day job has been rather demanding of late and then gorgeous hubby managed to crash the car so I’ve been a tad distracted (he’s fine by the way; car – not so much!). Chapter 2 of Dancing on the Edge should not be long, but I’m not making any promises in case I jinx myself. My author copies of Mountain Rescue have arrived so i’ll be making it all up to you soon with a giveaway. Watch this space! Well maybe not, cos knowing me you’ll go cross-eyed before I manage to post again!

2 thoughts on “Silence may be golden

  1. avidreadr says:

    Sorry for your car but more important that hubby is okay. Looking forward to more of Dancing, but take your time.


  2. Mo says:

    Cars can be replaced easier than people. I’m glad your hubby’s ok šŸ™‚ And we all understand you have the evil day job taking your time away from writing us more wonderful stories, life happens *shrugs* x


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