Not a great day

So today I managed to burn my hand on the iron (my own fault – I was distracted by an old episode of Miss Marple on the TV) and destroy a lemon meringue pie when it landed wrong way up on the plate. Neither incident was earth shattering but left me in the wrong frame of mind to discover a really nasty review of The Portrait on Goodreads. The reviewer (who, from what was written doesn’t seem to have actually read the book) not only slated the story but the introductory blurb and the cover art as well. He/she finished by threatening to steal the storyline and rewrite it. Charming. I know I shouldn’t get upset by one person’s view (and I don’t expect everyone to like what I write), but this did seem rather extreme. Anyway, I’m cheering myself up by posting Chapter 8 of NSFW. Constructive criticism welcome!

16 thoughts on “Not a great day

  1. runnergirl4peace says:

    Fiends,trolls or whatever are everywhere…dust off your shoulder smh sorry you stung your hand(that must be quite a captivating show lol) Have a great day nonetheless and yay for new chap!!


  2. Mo says:

    If the lemon meringue pie landed the wrong way up on the plate it’s not destroyed, just less aesthetically pleasing πŸ˜‰

    I just read that review on goodreads, what a pile of mince. I can’t find someone who finds it too difficult to add “ward” to the end of “awk” (several times, not just once!) credible. They’d steal the idea and re-write it into something better? Given their standard of literacy and lack of imagination I sincerely doubt it!

    Chin up! Don’t let eejits like that get you down! πŸ™‚ x


  3. Kazy Reed says:

    Get that Goodreads member banned!!! Even joking about stealing your plot should be a reason to blackball someone. Fuckers! Can you tell I’m pissed for you?


  4. starnite owl says:

    What a *nasty* review!!! This person sounds like one of these unreasonable and unthinking people, who because they are in a foul mood, spews out they own brand of nastiness. I refuse to call this person a ‘reviewer’—how can you review anything if you haven’t read, tasted,seen or somehow interacted with what you are writing/talking about.
    That line abouther stealing the storyline and re-writing it?—isn’t that a threat of plagiarism? Can’t
    believe she wrote that, especially in this day and. age.
    She probably thinks she made a clever comment—bah! (Just had to get that out—) now I can go read the next chap. Which I am enjoying.


  5. Pam says:

    I know how you feel after just barely reading a crappy email reviewing my leadership on a recent educational outing. My reviewer was someone who didn’t even have the common decency to find out what was going on before she joined in the group but was the first to step up on her pedestal, or rather never even got off of it in the first place. Not quite the same but similar enough to understand how you feel. An old coworker of mine used to say “Don’t let the assholes of the world get you down” She was right. I’m sorry you had a bad day they really suck! I can understand having a mishap watching Miss Marple, I have to say she is one of my all time favorites. As for the Lemon meringue pie as long as it landed on the plate how it looks is nowhere as important as how it tastes. Try and not take the review personally it is no where an accurate representation of your work from story line to word on the page to the cover art. Your work is outstanding and you should always be proud of it.


  6. Cliffgirl says:

    Wow, it sounds like you’ve been steamrolled. I agree with Kazy, nobody has the right to steal a plot from someone and claim they can write your book better. It makes me wonder if you have a detractor you didn’t know about who set you up and dumped all over you just to ruin your day since he/she went to such extremes.


  7. machurch00 says:

    Well, that was ugly. This is why I don’t read my reviews until someone tells me it’s okay. I’m so sorry you saw it. That’s the thing about GR… it has it good points and it has its trolls. Try to remember all the 4 and 5 star review instead. But yeah, the really nasty ones tend to stay with you. 😦

    Most important thing: your publisher liked it and contracted it. Plus several more of your stories. That means something, you know? *Big grin* They aren’t in this business to lose money, lol.
    *big hug*


  8. Illyrie says:

    You shouldn’t take seriously anyone who uses the term “awk” repeatedly.


  9. Dawn says:

    The fact that you make lemon meringue is huge, regardless of how it ends up on plate. Compared to a few shitty words from someone. Bravo on book, bravo on pie and yeah for more NSFW.


  10. alexandra says:

    Sorry to hear about the iron and pie thing. 😦

    Sorry about the bad rating. Some people are just like that. LOL. For a minute, I thought, OMG!! was it me??? Glad it wasn’t me. LOL. πŸ˜‰ I remember now, I left a review for Stroke Rate but that was at Total eBound. LOL.


  11. Fans says:

    Sorry about what you had to face today. Just know that you will have better days πŸ˜€ Whoever that reviewer is can’t even compare to you. He/she is just jealous because you are a better writer than they are πŸ™‚ And if that person tries to do anything, just know that your fans (especially me) got your back ;D Don’t worry, we got your back πŸ˜€


  12. Lu Mi says:

    So sorry about your bad day. I know I can’t change how bad you felt about that particular review, but know that you have so many who adores you. Hopefully the threat that one made was an empty one–or else, you’ll have an army of fans ready to fight for you πŸ™‚


  13. Kate says:

    I know it’s hard to read reviews like that as you put so much into your work but please remember it is just one nasty piece of work compared to lots of fans of your stories who hang off your every word. Personally, it literally makes my day when you post a new chapter. Unfortunately bad days are inevitable just be glad its now behind you and move on.


  14. bel7003 says:

    So… that person wants to rewrite your story… eheh! Let him/her! I’m sure we can all use good laughing material! I’m sorry about your hand, but you got it burnt for a good reason… Miss Marple! Yay! (I love her). As for the pie, like my mother used to say, if you can still eat it with a spoon, it’s good! The most important thing is we got to have another great chapter! I loved to see Blake talk about his feelings to Max. He (and I) needed that. They have been holding out so much that when they finally do have sex, there’s going to be fireworks all over the place. Can’t wait to read that! I wonder what more tortures you have in store for poor Max (and us).


  15. Kate says:

    Your comment here has prompted me to do something I don’t usually do and go onto both total e bound and good reads and leave reviews on each. I hope others of your fans will do the same because I know we seriously outnumber anyone who doesn’t like your work.


  16. I’m a little late to the party here, but I did go on goodreads and read the review in question. I absolutely hate reviews that do nothing but rag. Leave a few stars and be on your way, you know? But in this case, I had to crack up laughing over the review. I’m not sure if you’re ever received spam comments on your blog, but that review reminded me of one. It was whole lot of nonsense that was so vague it made my head spin. All that was missing was a link at the bottom advertising how to make your penis bigger or how to remove bags under your eyes. LMAO Oh good god… *wipes tears away* Chin up. We love you.


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