Where’s the next chapter then???

Ah. Yes. Sorry! It is on the way, promise. I’ve been working on the page and line edits for Mountain Rescue – all done now thankfully, despite the inevitable independent body parts and zombie sentences. Maybe in a future post i’ll treat you to some examples! Then with my better half away and a trip to the ER with the accident prone child, it’s all been a bit frantic. Fiction is much more fun than reality some weeks! I’m now back working on NSFW, so keep checking in – it won’t be long.

5 thoughts on “Where’s the next chapter then???

  1. Mo says:

    I hope the trip to the ER ended up ok? I’m so looking forward to reading what Blake is going to do with Max next 😀


  2. Stephanie says:

    Hope everything is okay. Looking forward to the next chapter.


  3. Cliffgirl says:

    Oh yes, I’ve had a few of those myself- kids accidentally hit with baseball bats, falling off the monkey bars and skateboarding accidents. All the not-so-fun parts of being a mom.


  4. starnite owl says:

    Don’t worry about it! It will read all the much better when you do post it. I sometimes think the weeks after the holidays are almost as bad as the weeks before the holidays.

    Fiction you can manipulate and bend (and least it’s nice to think so). Reality just kind of rolls over you and pushes you into decisions and forces you to deal with consequences.

    Anyway,lookin’ forward to NSFW. And more of my boys in “Fire from Ice”.(?)
    Good stuff worth waiting for.

    Anyway, lookin’ forward to


  5. avidreadr says:

    Kids equal trips to the emergency room. Hope it all ended well. Take your time; we’ll be waiting.


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