Confession time

So I started writing something new. I know, I know… I’m supposed to be working on Fire from Ice but the temptation was too great. So in between the mince pies, a short story is underway. The question is, would you like bitesize chunks, or to wait for the whole pie?

While you’re thinking about it, here’s another picture from Mr. S. to cheer up your day!



13 thoughts on “Confession time

  1. Buttonmoon says:

    I vote for bitesize chunks…


  2. avidreadr says:

    If the bitesize chunks come quickly, fine. If there will be a gap, I’d prefer the whole piece.


  3. Kazy Reed says:

    You know me. I have no sense of delayed gratification. I can’t wait for the whole thing to be finished! Gimme.


  4. pat says:

    Me? I’m. Buffet person. A grazer, if you will, and I much prefer smaller chunks to the whole. But any amount of your stories is always a treat!


  5. Lu Mi says:

    Bite sizes come quicker ^^


  6. Cliffgirl says:

    That’s a tough one. Bitesized gives us something to look forward to on a regular basis, but the finished piece doesn’t drive us crazy.


  7. Nicole says:

    How bitesized are we talking about here? Is it going to be something we can chew on or just a few crumbs thrown our way? I think I’m with avidreadr on this one, I hate to be teased and then left hanging so I’m going to vote for the the whole piece at one time!


  8. jmtorass says:

    bitesize chunks please……


  9. Kate says:

    Gimme gimme the sooner the better!


  10. kayla says:

    Bitesize plz


  11. Jennifer says:

    If they are going to be super short or a long time between pieces, I think I’d prefer just waiting for the whole thing. 🙂


  12. Kate says:

    Are you still working on Fire from Ice at the same time or have you stopped to work on your new story? Either way I’m really hoping you post something new soon 🙂


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