What’s new

Well, Reaching the Edge has been submitted to my publisher so keep your fingers crossed for me! As Hacker now becomes number two in the series, some minor rewrites have been done for continuity and that has been submitted as well.

I’ve decided to spend some time on the rewrite of Fire from Ice, the first story I ever wrote. It needs a lot of work to bring it up to a standard where I dare submit it! I’ll be posting the new chapters here on the blog, so for those of you who are familiar with Alex and Conor – watch this space.

The lovely guys at Mr. S. Leather in San Francisco have given me permission to use some of their photos to illustrate the blog, so look out for some new images!


And finally… Black Dog is now available to pre-order! To celebrate, anyone posting a comment on any part of my blog during December will be entered into a draw to win a copy. I’ll be backdating the list, so those of you who have already commented this month will not be left out. Each comment posted will earn one entry, so good luck!

13 thoughts on “What’s new

  1. pat says:

    WOW you are just full of wonderful, awesome news this morning!!! So happy to hear Alex and Conor will be submitted as well. Love those guys! You are really going to be expanding my library!! Thx! :o). :o)


  2. Cliffgirl says:

    Excellent. I can’t wait for your Alex and Conor series to get into print.


  3. Buttonmoon says:

    Sounds great. Looking forward to more on Alex and Connor:)


  4. Dawn says:

    Very excited to see that their will be more great stories to read. I have followed you on LIT and look forward to the future fun you write. Side note the photos are HOT.


  5. Nicole says:

    YAY! I’ve been waiting for Alex and Conor to have the their stories published. They are still my favorite of yours although Lucien and Ben run a very close second! Thanks for all your hard work!


  6. Jill Miller says:

    Cant wait for the next series to begin!


  7. Kate says:

    Looking forward to reading Alex and Connor’s stories again. πŸ˜€


  8. runner4peace@hotmail.com says:

    Your writing really grabs the attention of the reader which i love.Your characters are fantastic and looking forward to more of your work!


  9. Mo says:

    Can’t wait to read Fire from Ice, it hooked me on your writing from chapter 1! I love Alex and Conor πŸ˜€
    I pre-ordered Black Dog as soon as it was available. I thought The Portrait was a fantastic story when I read it on Lit but the published version is even better. I love the way you’ve developed Tristan and Garrick’s characters πŸ˜€


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