6 thoughts on “Final chapter of Reaching the Edge

  1. Jennifer says:

    More about Heath and Aiden. I love all of these characters so far. More with Joe and Olly and Heath and Aiden, now that they all have happy endings. Or you could write about Carey and Alistair. 😀 Either way, anything you write will be fantastic. 🙂


  2. Kate says:

    I also vote for a story involving all of the characters but it would also be nice to know Carey and Alistair’s story. Whatever you write I know I’ll love it and I’m already getting excited at the thought of a new story to watch out for. Please don’t take too long making your mind up I need my next fix soonish please 🙂


  3. Illyrie says:

    Carey and Alistair win my vote! More about the Club and not the Edge.


  4. Lu says:

    what Jennifer says 😀


  5. Rose says:

    A story about the detective (or what ever he was) that was handling Aiden’s case 🙂 he seemed interested in the Edge and the lifestyle


  6. Elaine says:

    I would love to read more about Joe and Olly!! : )


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