Best wishes

To all my friends on the east coast of the U.S. – hope you didn’t get hit too hard by the storm and have power so you can read chapter 9!

4 thoughts on “Best wishes

  1. Kazy Reed says:

    Thanks. So far, Maine has had very little damage, but other places have been completely wiped off the map. It’s very frightening to watch, and I couldn’t imagine what those poor people are going through. Looking at pictures of NY under water is so horrible! The Atlantic City Boardwalk is gone. It’s very surreal.


  2. Cliffgirl says:

    It has been an anxious day for many in our country. I have family on the eastern seaboard who have all checked in so I know they’re safe. I’m glad you’re safe, Kazy, and I agree with you about the pictures. It is amazing how destructive nature can be. Cars in trees. A boat on train tracks, Wall Street under water, the hundred burned out houses on Long Island. I mean, how does a house burn down in the pouring rain?


    • starnite owl says:

      Just saw on the news; one area (blocks and blocks) that went down in flames, was Breezy Point (NY?). My first thought is that it was due to busted gas lines; that is always a big worry besides power being out. It was an area populated with many cops and firefighters; most lost everything though water was all around them. No pressure, debris clogging the lines. What hurt doubly was that this area lost many in 9/11, then there was the downed aircraft.

      It seems to be, like in many places in America, resilience is almost immediate. There is already talk of coming back and rebuilding.

      A resident of the area who lost her house said to pray for them.
      My prayers are certainly with them. Not living in the area, I have nothing else I can do


      • lmsomerton says:

        It all looks terrifying even from so far away. I have a friend stuck in NYC at the moment and she’s getting amazing help from everyone – just wonderful how people pull together in a crisis.


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