Reaching the Edge Chapter 4

Happy reading all, chapter 4 is now in the Tease Me section! We’ve had a think about Olly, so what about Joe? Here’s one possibility…

7 thoughts on “Reaching the Edge Chapter 4

  1. starnite owl says:

    Almost exactly what I was picturing.
    I get a good feeling of self confidence from Julian which after all Joe has to possess ‘in spades’


  2. Kazy Reed says:

    Ohhhhhh yes. By Rick Day? Even better.


  3. Sobee says:

    Well, I’ve pictured Joe like this
    but maybe because I’m biased to his hotness 🙂


  4. Pat says:

    Rick Day sure can pick ’em!! Julian is spot on. I see the strength but the pics show the thread of softness too.


  5. AP says:

    Perfect possibility


  6. Kate says:

    Ooh yes!


  7. Mo says:

    Mmmm yes, that’s exactly how I’ve pictured Joe! Yum 😀


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