Who would make a good Olly?

So Chapter 3 is here (bit short – sorry!), but an email from a friend got me thinking. She suggested that the Brazilian model Max Motta might make a good Olly (Thanks Kazy). He is delicious, but in most of the pictures on Google his hair’s a bit short. My vote would be for Alex German. He models for Calvin Klein (not that that has anything to do with my vote of course!) and you can take a peak here: http://www.projectqatlanta.com/news_articles/view/thursday_alex_geermans_sexy_gear?gid=5362

Do you have any other suggestions? Would love to hear them!

8 thoughts on “Who would make a good Olly?

  1. Have to say, I see Olly as more Max than Alex.


  2. Sobee says:

    Hi, sorry haven’t left any comment on this blog, but I’m one of your devoted fans since…ever ^^. I imagine Olly more like Oliver Altman for Bellazon ad here: http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j187/Aeonbound/PB4MH/O6.jpg
    He’s so cute, huge eyes, and innocent looking even though he’s hot naked, too.
    Can’t wait for your story’s continuance ^^


  3. Illyrie says:

    I think perhaps….

    Travis Fimmel


    Justin Barnhill


  4. Pat says:

    Oh I LOVE Sobee’s sugesstion! He’s perfect!!!!! Just give him some blue eyes. Face and hair and innocence is spot on!


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