17 thoughts on “Cover art

  1. Lisa says:

    Looks good!!!


  2. Illyrie says:

    I have to admit, I pictured the guys with more “rower” style bodies. And Lucien a little “suit”.


  3. Pam says:

    Nothing at all what I pictured. Never pictured Lucian with all the jewelry or the bad boy band type. What happened to the domineering, attorney Lord? Ben looks like he is still in highschool. They don’t look anything like the rowers I know. They look more like Yacht club then rowers. Stroke Rate is my favorite story by you and perhaps I am being to critical but please don’t loose the characters in the excitement of being published. Or let anyone tell you this is what you need to get your stories told. They would sell if the only thing they had for cover art was a brown paper bag. Its like watching a movie version of your favorite book only to find out everything was changed. In the end its your vision and perhaps this is how you pictured them. Its just if the cover art doesn’t fit the characters what other changes have been made? Is the story still the same or has that changed drastically as well?


    • lmsomerton says:

      This is how I picture them – Lucien is supposed to be very anti-establishment, definitely not a typical aristocrat or lawyer. Ben is young, sweet and shy. I suppose there are endless interpretations, but I can promise that the story hasn’t been changed. Your brown paper bag comment made me smile – thanks!


  4. Pat says:

    The facial expressions are spot on for me!! You surely don’t have to tell me who is who :o) I was a bit surprised at the ‘softness’ though. I guess I expected a bit more definition. Oh well, your story..your cover :o) Stroke Rate is one of my faves! Can’t wait for publish date!!!!!!


  5. scotrik1 says:

    OMG that’s perfect for Stroke Rate!! Such a great story!


  6. Alexandra says:

    I like it although I pictured Lucien a little differently. On this cover, he looks playful and easy going not fierce and a bad ass? LOL. It looks good though. I can’t wait for it to come out.


  7. Kazy Reed says:

    nailed it. large pun intended. and again.


  8. Tumi says:

    First off: I am so EXCITED SR is being published! I love Ben on this cover , the whole shy guy with-a-lithe-frame, on the mark. However Lucien, I am not so sure about. I was picturing Lex Luther megalomaniac,meet Brian O’Conner( TF&TF)playful dude. He looks hot though , so if this is what your going for I’ll deal. LOVE your work.


  9. Mo says:

    I love it! Lucien’s look has that slight hint of arrogance, Ben’s shy and unsure. Can’t wait to buy it 😀


  10. deb says:

    I love the images your words created in my mind, I’m sticking with that… Love the story!


  11. Tali says:

    I love the hint of a devil in Lucien’s eyes, the wicked little smile. Nice!


  12. Kate says:

    Oh yeah, perfect. The picture totally captures their personalities. I am really looking forward to it being published.


  13. Zoozyzoo says:

    I have to agree with Pam.
    I love Stroke Rate…as I do all your stories.
    The cover just doesn’t do it for me.
    Anti-establishment, I understand. But here, Lucien looks barely legal.
    And neither look capable of rowing competitively.
    Perhaps I’ll just buy the book and cover it with my own brown paper bag 🙂


  14. Cliffgirl says:

    It’s funny because I know in the original story Lucien isn’t that much older than Ben, but I always pictured him older. Hair a bit longer and looking more fierce. I think Ben is perfect.


  15. Emma says:

    Looks great. Hope publish date is not too far off… It was one of my favourite literotica stories and I really want to read it again! 🙂


  16. cannd says:

    Just found your blog. I love the cover. Glad I finally found this. I should check Bios more often on lit. Looking forward to checking the blog out


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