Clandestine Classics

You may have seen some of the worldwide publicity being generated by my publisher’s recent announcement of a series of classics with the “missing” sex scenes written in. if you follow this link you can see Jimmy Kimmel’s take on some possible titles. Hysterical!

There’s also a blogspot about the series if you want to know more:

One thought on “Clandestine Classics

  1. LaVieErotique says:

    As a fellow writer on Literotica (under the name LaVieErotique), and someone seeking publication themselves, I was very interested to read your blog. I am thrilled that you are having your work published, which is richly deserved. Talent will out, as they say. I first read Mountain Rescue which, although I am not into BDSM stories myself, I thought it very well written, with great characters and eroticism, and so I am unsuprised this is getting published for payment.
    Good luck with your writing.


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